Q1: A problem playing Flash video using the Firefox browser or other browser in Windows, Linux or Mac?

Just install the latest Adobe Flash Player by Clicking Here.More things related to this problem can be found here.

Q2: How do I upload a video?

Once you've become a member, simply choose "upload video button " from any page, or follow this link to share your video with the community.

Q3: What are "tags"?

Tags are essentially keywords that will be associated with your video and which will be referenced when users search the video collection. Suggested tags for your video could include the name of the artist or events. (Balam, Shahrukh Khan, Miles Concert etc.) or any other keywords that you think might be relevant.

Q4: What kinds of videos are unacceptable?

As we are a community website, it is important that we all respect certain rules of decent community behavior. As such, we reserve the right to refuse any videos that contain content which is illegal, harassing, harmful, abusive, obscene or hateful. For the full description, you can see Article Four of our Terms and Conditions. Please upload only originals which means by yours! Do not upload other's copyrighted videos to this website.

Q5: How much does it cost to become a member?

Nothing! Becoming a member is absolutely free. All it requires is that you choose a unique name for yourself and provide a valid email address. Once you've signed up, you're ready to fully participate in the community. Upload your favorite videos, interact with other members, rate videos and start growing your reputation as a Video Pimp! You can start your membership experience by clicking here.

Q6: Your site seems to be slow! Is there any problem?

Our site is extremely fast and no problem from our end. You may experience slow speed because your internet it slow or the video quality is HD and has more bit rate.
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